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2016 List of Gratitude

A short list of all of the wonderful people in my life that helped me reach my personal development goals, supported me, and provided me the joys of life in 2016. To all of my family, friends, and random people I've struck up conversations with - you've made a contribution in who I am today and I am thankful for all of the experiences you have gifted my life with.

Mom for always supporting me, trusting me to explore and find my own path in life without worrying about my future. Your faith in me is comforting as I navigate through unknown territory.

Noah Swygert for reminding me to ask myself whether or not I'm getting comfortable and to always push way beyond my comfort zone. I truly enjoy our conversations of ideas and reflections and I'm thankful for our friendship.

Dr. Cuomo for sharing your wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and insight, for demonstrating a genuine interest in my self-development. You've been one of my best friends throughout college and I can't thank you enough for all that you've shared with me.

Kristen for widening my perspective and giving me a deep look into the life of someone quite different from myself. And even though our relationship ultimately did not work out, for showing me how to be a better partner in a relationship. Our experience taught me many lessons along the way.

Dr. Brenner and Farshad Movahed for your patience mentoring and teaching me about computational materials science research.

Patrick Jahn for always welcoming a spontaneous adventure, always ready to explore. Traveling across Europe this summer with you was an incredible adventure filled with great stories.

Corey Daley for taking a chance on me and hiring me as an intern at Red Hat even though my formal field of study is wildly different than the work I did during my internship.

Ryan Hefner, Mark DeMaria, Ben Shpurker, and Ryan Long for giving me a crash-course computer science education and always answering my numerous questions. And my entire Red Hat intern cohort for giving me one of the most fun and rewarding summers I've ever experienced.

Monica Galletto, Rachel Kiserow, and Pam Devia for always giving me so many reasons to laugh, for sharing our reflections from relationships, and for how quickly I became close friends with each of you.

Hersh Tapadia for sharing your startup experiences with me and providing your entrepreneurial hindsight as foresight for my career. And especially, for encouraging me to start this blog.

Drew Kelliher for consistently viewing my thoughts and ideas in a critical light, while still retaining mutual respect and becoming great friends. I've really enjoyed getting to know you better this year.

Paul Nolan for getting my butt to the pool, for our many lively conversations over a glass of wine, and for inspiring me with your undeniable optimism. I'm incredibly proud of the work you've done this year and am grateful for our friendship.

And to all of my friends for supporting me, challenging me, and providing me with the joys of friendship. You're the reason I'm so motivated to make the world a better place.