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2017 List of Gratitude

A short list of all of the wonderful people in my life that helped me reach my personal development goals, supported me, and provided me the joys of life in 2017. To all of my family, friends, and random people I've struck up conversations with - you've made a contribution in who I am today and I am thankful for all of the experiences you have gifted my life with.

Previous years' lists:

Florian Kaiser for what felt like instant friendship, bonding over data science and silly jokes as we explored San Fransico and toured startups during spring break.

Taha Arif and Charlie Horvath for inspiring me to get back into music and for all of the great jams we've had. An evening with you is an evening well spent.

Udacity MLND Admin Team for welcoming me into your group and acting as an invaluable resource. This team has such a wide variety of people, backgrounds, and perspectives; this diversity makes for really interesting conversations and opens many opportunities to learn.

Andrew Trask for welcoming me into OpenMined and always being happy to answer any of the numerous questions I have. I started following you when I began my deep dive into the field of machine learning this May; I would have never imagined that a few months down the road we'd be chatting on Slack fairly regularly.

Radek, Nash, and Matt for joining me in starting a machine learning venture (more info on this to come). We put a lot of hard work in, and I really enjoy learning together as we go.