I've been completing one sprint triathlon (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) every week since May 2023. I usually split the three activities into separate workouts; I'm mostly focused on ensuring that I hit my distance goals over the course of the week, and I'm not too strict on time splits for each activity.

One nice thing about trying to "keep the streak alive" and do this every week, is that it's a great motivator to ensure that I'm not pushing myself to the point of injury. I view this weekly ritual as a nice solid baseline for my physical health.

Common questions

Are you training for an event? Nope! My main objective is to build a consistent habit of exercise so I can live a healthy life and age gracefully. When I'm old and gray I'd like to still have an active lifestyle with plenty of lean muscle mass.

Image source: Chronic exercise preserves lean muscle mass in masters athletes

Of course I still might sign up for the occasional triathlon competition too for the fun of it, it's just not the main goal.

Do you plan to increase your distances? Probably not. I want this to be a feasible goal that I can complete every week for decades. On weeks where I travel out of town, I might end up doing all three activities (swimming, biking, and running) in the same day after returning home from a trip. In the future, when life gets busier raising a family, I'd like to still be able to carve out time for my triathlons. By sticking with the sprint triathlon distances, I can get my baseline level of activity for the week done in ~2-3 hours. This also saves more time for me to be active in other ways (e.g. soccer and tennis) throughout the week!

Exercise log

Note: I normally double the distance for swimming since I can usually swim 750m in around 15 minutes, and if I stopped after 15 minutes I'd have spent more time driving to/from the pool than I did swimming!