Hi👋 I'm Jeremy, welcome to my blog. I'm a machine learning engineer (currently working on information retrieval at Nvidia) and I love to learn! I'm super excited to share what I'm learning here on this blog.

I started this blog for two purposes: to write about what I'm learning in my own words, and to share my perspectives and reflections with others and my future self. The former reason serves mainly to reinforce what I'm learning (you don't really know something unless you can teach it!), while the latter is simply a way for me to share what reflections I've found helpful for me and store a snapshot of my views over the course of my life. Many of the blog posts are a living document, so I'll come back and edit things, add new info, switch out the graphics, etc. These are also sometimes pretty informal posts, more of a quick brain dump than a work of literary art.

I've chosen to write in public so that a) the content may help someone else and b) someone might disagree and we can have a discussion. I'm a big believer in open, frank critique of ideas and I believe the best way to grow an idea is to attack it. Don't take what I write on here for granted - ask yourself if what I'm talking about makes sense to you. If it doesn't, speak up! Let's have a discussion.

A little bit about myself

I love sailing. I have a small Sunfish that I'll take out on the lakes around Raleigh. I also have a stand-up paddleboard that I'll take out when the winds aren't strong enough for sailing.

Spending time out on the water is a great way to temporarily escape from the crazy world of tech.

I like to stay active and take care of my body. In order to establish a baseline level of fitness, I started doing one sprint triathlon every week. On top of that, I enjoy playing soccer and tennis with friends.

I'm a huge adventurer, and I love to travel. I've taken three trips to Europe visiting Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands, and I have an extensive list of places/cultures I'd like to see/experience.

Hiking in Norway

My interests span from engineering to design to neuroscience and many fields in between - my curiosity fuels an insatiable love for learning new things. I'm also fascinated by entrepreneurship and wish to make my impact through creating businesses that add value to our society.

Go Wolfpack!